miranda solo twin md - part 1

See the following link for a pretty good overview of this camera

This is the camera I used through most of my teenage years. I'm not quite sure if I bought it myself, or it was bought for me, but it was the first camera to be unequivocally, and completely mine. What I do remember clearly about using this camera is buying film for it, and how expensive I thought it was. Hence, I’d always go for the cheapest option available, and almost always 24 exposure rolls. Also, photography then was a matter of; point the camera in the general direction of the subject(s), and press the button thing. Done. With no consideration (or knowledge) of light, composition, film speed or any of that, no wonder 99% of the photos taken with the camera back then turned out, well, rubbish. This was despite the efforts by the photo lab to educate me with the ‘Advice Label’ tabs the placed on some of my worse pictures, bless them.

Luck would have it occasionally of course that good light, accidentally good composition would come together and produce the odd good looking result, but those were very few and far between indeed. I also discovered some snaps where the subject was so awesome, even the neighbours dog could have taken a semi-interesting snap. The photo of the guy on the lamppost is one of those. Apparently also, I dabbled in a little long exposure photography. Oddly enough, I actually remember taking the long exposure ones. For instance, the photo of the car lights was taken from the upper deck of a night bus in central London. My favourite of the bunch where the dreamy winter shots of trees and snow. The soft lens of the Miranda actually added a bit of melancholy to the photos I think.


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