let the nostalgia begin

I still have every camera I've ever owned, save one. That missing one I am not sure was really actually ‘mine’, or shared with my siblings. I was extremely young, so I don’t remember what the camera was, but I do remember it was a 110 format camera of some kind with inbuilt flash. I have since owned a digital SLR, and very recently a beautiful retro-styled digital compact.

I've also recently acquired a whole load of film cameras – classic and rubbish plastic ones alike. Virtually all the cameras still work, which is amazing. Hearing of my photographic nostalgia, friends have handed me their old plastic cameras from the 80’s and 90’s in addition to mine dug out from storage, but the gem in my collection has to be my dad’s old Kiev-4.

As fortune would have it, a certain low-cost shop has been stocking cheap 35mm film. I bought quite a few and put into storage, in case it was a one-off. So there you have it; a collection of old cameras, and enough film to go round. Sounds like a recipe for a photography project. What say ye?


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